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Street Cats Club ramping up operations after month-long pause

A month after pausing much of its operations, the Street Cats Club is getting back to work helping stray and feral cats locally.

Founder Victoria Partridge says the break let club members add some behind-the-scenes measures to help the club meet cat needs, including work with an outside consultant to flesh out bylaws, position descriptions and a clear organizational structure.

In late January, the club announced departures of three group members and the related pause for both the foster care intake program and the trap/neuter/return program. Partridge says there was nothing illegal and nothing dealing with financial matters that caused operations to go on hold.

Last year was busy for Street Cats, which had almost 200 foster cats and over 500 feral cats fixed through the TNR program. There were over 700 cats that received medical care through Street Cats Club — with a veterinary expense bill passing $25,000 — and nearly 120 cat adoptions.

Both the foster care and TNR programs are back up and running now. The Street Cats Club is also looking for a TNR program director as well as other volunteers and board members to meet the need. Once the team’s roster is set, Partridge says there is a goal to move into a bricks-and-mortar location at some point down the road.

More information is available on or the Street Cats Club’s social media.


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