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Foster Program

About the SCC Foster Program

Fostering plays a key role in supporting the animals in our community. Because the Street Cats Club only fosters cats who are sick, injured, and/or orphaned, fostering plays a critical role in their recovery and survival. 

We utilize a variety of foster homes types to both meet the need of the cats we bring into the program, as well as the availability of our volunteers. Examples of foster homes that we use are:

  • Bottle Feeders

    • Those who feed neonate kittens until they are weaned.

    • Good for homes with limited room.

    • Ideal for person's who work from home or can take the kittens with them to work.

  • Quarantine Homes

    • Cats are kept in an isolated location in a home for two weeks.​

    • Good for homes who want to make an impact, while also want the short-term committment. 

  • Emergency Intake

    • Provides emergency hold for cats for 24-48 hours, allowing a longer term foster to be arranged.​

    • Must be available at a moment's notice. 

  • Medical Foster​

    • Provides care for cats needing current or ongoing medical support.​

  • General Foster

    • Provides care for cats who are weaned and free of medical needs until they are adopted.

We understand that fostering can seem scary and/or intimidating. We provide the following supports to all of our Foster Homes:

- Free Training Opportunities

- Access to our Private Facebook Group for SCC Fosters

- Vacation/Leave Coverage

- 24/7 Advice and Support

Additionally, we cover the cost of all medical bills and supplies. 


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