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Street Cats Club’s new grant opportunity is set to start this March with some free services

The Street Cats Club announced the creation of a new fund that will help cat owners experiencing economic hardships in the Lyon county area.

The Street Cats Club has been helping cats in the community for already four years and now they created the Lola Love Fund which seeks to help cat owners who are experiencing economic hardships with spay and neuter services for free. Street Cats Club Founder and Director Victoria Partridge says this is a goal they had since the creation of the non-profit and felt Emporia needed an accessible service like this one.

The Lola Love Fund was named after Lola Walker, the founder of Purralot Kitty Rescue, Inc., who has worked in cat rescue saving the lives of more than 800 cats. Patridge says she inspired them to finally create this fund which will review every request on a case-by-case basis to provide the best help they can to people and cats of the community.

The application for the fund will open on the first of each month starting March 1 and will be available through the Street Cats Club website and will close on the tenth of every month. After applications are reviewed, those selected will be notified by the 15 of each month. The process will repeat every month and the applications that were not selected at first will be reviewed again in the next opening.

For more information about the Lola Love Fund, visit


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