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Street Cats Club announces Lola Love Fund

Emporia, KS - The Street Cats Club, a non-profit organization focused on improving the lives of stray cats, announced today the creation of a new grant opportunity called the Lola Love Fund. The fund aims to prevent stray cats and hoarding situations from occurring by providing free spay/neuter services for cat owners who are experiencing economic hardships. 

“We were one of the groups who helped with the 86 cats at Mariah Holloway’s house. We were touched by her story and frustrated that she had sought help when there were only five cats and there was no viable option for her. This fund was created to help people like her,” said Street Cats Club Founder and Director Victoria Partridge. 

Emporia has options for low-cost spay/neuter services, such as the Buck Fund. The Lola Love Fund was created for people who cannot afford those options.

“Our goal is to prevent more stray cats from happening. We hope this fund will fill the gap in services here in Emporia,” said Street Cats Club Chief Financial Officer Bailey Estes. 

The name of the fund is equally important. The Lola Love Fund is named in honor of Lola Walker, the founder of Purralot Kitty Rescue, Inc. Walker has been working in the cat rescue field for most of her life and, at 85 years old, has personally saved the lives of more than 800 cats. 

“I think this is wonderful,” said Lola Walker. “I am excited for this new option to help cat owners get their pets spayed or neutered, and I am honored to have this fund named after me.”

Applications for the Lola Love Fund open on the first of each month starting March 1. Applicants will be selected based on their individual needs and circumstances. For more information on how to apply for or donate to the Lola Love Fund, visit

About Street Cats Club

The Street Cats Club is improving the lives of stray cats throughout the Lyon County, KS area by controlling the growth of the community cat population through sterilization via trap/neuter/return, providing support and resources for cat colony caregivers, and fostering sick, injured, or orphaned stray cats. For more information, visit

About Purralot Kitty Rescue, Inc.

Purralot Kitty Rescue, Inc., a feline, no-kill, private animal shelter in Emporia, KS. Purralot is run by one woman who has cared for cats and kittens for many years and has saved the lives of hundreds of cats. For more information, visit


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