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Efforts and services through Street Cats Club going strong

While it has only been active for two years, the Street Cats Club has made tremendous progress in addressing Emporia’s feral cat population.

Established in 2019, Street Cats Club works to improve the lives of stray cats living within the Emporia community. This includes providing trap-neuter-return services, life-saving medical care and getting stray cats into the club’s “foster homes.”

According to founder Victoria Partridge, in 2020 alone the organization provided TNR to 50 cats and managed to foster another 40. Partridge says providing all of these different services does not come without a price tag, however.

Partridge went on to say the organization depends primarily on donations from the general public to carry out their work. With that in mind, Partridge announced that there are many ways the community can get involved to ensure Street Cats Club can stay involved locally.

Street Cats Club has several fundraising events on the calendar over the next month with all proceeds going to benefit the organization. The first event was a virtual trivia night Saturday through Mullready’s Pub which brought in right around $200.

The next event will be a wine-o Bingo night sponsored by Twin Rivers on May 13 from 6 pm to 8 pm. The cost to participate is $15.

Plans are also in development for a silent auction in the near future, however, an exact date has not yet been announced.

For more information on Street Cats Club or how you can assist their services visit or find Thestreetcatsclub on Facebook and Instagram.


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