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foster PROGRam

Fostering plays a key role in supporting the animals in our community. Because the Street Cats Club only fosters "busted" cats (those who are sick, injured, and/or orphaned), fostering plays a critical role in their recovery and survival. 

The Street Cats Club is looking for the following types of foster homes to join our team:

- neonate/bottle baby

- quarantine (the first two weeks that a cat is brought in off the streets)

We understand that fostering can seem scary and/or intimidating. We currently offer the following supports to anyone fostering cats and/or kittens in the Emporia, Kansas area:

- Free Training Opportunities

- Access to our Private Facebook Group for SCC Fosters

- SCC covers the cost of all medical bills

- Supply sharing

- Vacation/Leave Coverage

- 24/7 Advice and Support

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